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Recruitment & Selection
BLOM BANK is committed to select and recruit qualified candidates that meet and exceed the bank’s standards, to ensure equal treatment of all applicants, and to maintain an effective, transparent, and streamlined recruiting process.

Recruitment Process:


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What we look for:

What we look for

Job Opportunities

Training & Development
BLOM BANK, a school in terms of training and developing its employees’ skills , strongly believes in the value of its human capital.

As one of the leading banks in the region and one of Lebanon’s largest employers, career development is accentuated because of the bank’s prominence in creating large pools of highly competitive individuals and offering them a variety of career opportunities and real growth prospects. This is especially accurate since most of BLOM BANK’s new recruits are fresh graduates, and priority for promotion is given to existing employees who rise up the corporate ladder from within and as per a clear grading scheme. Employees are the key to achieving the bank’s vision of being the leader in client relationships, which is why we work hard to create an environment where employees may excel.

Ongoing training is vital to support the employees’ growth and their adaptation to the pace of the fast changing business environment. BLOM BANK invests in different types of in-house and external trainings that cover various topics:

  • Banking Techniques,
  • Marketing,
  • Sales,
  • Economics,
  • Information Technology,
  • Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering,
  • Languages,
  • Communication and Negotiation Skills,
  • Management and Leadership,
  • Legal issues,
  • Safety at Work and First Aid Training,
  • Ethics, etc.

Career Development Programs:

Focused training programs are designed to develop high potential staff with exceptional performance and high levels of competence. These programs prepare qualified employees who are chosen for them to achieve a leadership role within BLOM BANK.

  • Management Training Program: 5-year training program in which the chosen employees rotate among various branch and head office functions to prepare them for the position of Assistant Branch Manager.
    • High potential and exceptional productivity
    • Excellent performance appraisal
    • Proper personality and decent behavior
    • Cultural background
    • Master degree or MBA, or enrollment in a Higher Education Program or Professional Certification
  • Individual Training Program: An employee with high potential, regardless of his/her positions, is chosen to undergo an individualized training program to prepare him/her for a specific managerial function.
  • Higher Education Sponsorship: BLOM BANK realizes the importance of higher education and many employees’ aspirations in pursuing higher education degrees and certifications and sponsors employees by covering a percentage of their tuitions (up to 100%).
  • Orientation trainings and rotations are also developed for new employees and those who are taking on new roles.
Corporate Social Responsibility
BLOM BANK strives to provide Peace of Mind to its clients and to the society at large through the implementation of programs that serve the latter. We aim at making a positive and sustainable impact in every community in which we are operate. Our social programs target various issues and aim at giving back to the environment and to the society.

  • BLOM shabeb
  • ProtectEd
  • Demining
  • Green Cycle

BLOM BANK also funds and sponsors a variety of charities and organizations to, hand in hand, improve and upkeep our society.

Internal Social Activities:

BLOM BANK, being a large institute with over 2,000 employees in Lebanon alone, encourages its employees to participate in various social activities organized by the bank such as:

  • BLOM Basketball Team (Males) – Lebanese Champions
  • BLOM Basketball Team (Females)
  • BLOM Football Team
  • BLOM Band – the bank’s musical talents unite to create oriental and acoustic melodies
  • BLOM Running Team
Employment Facilities
BLOM BANK employees have the privileged access to a variety of benefits and facilities.

Insurance & Medical Coverage:

  • All BLOM BANK employees and their dependents are medically covered via NSSF and AROPE Insurance free of charge.
  • AROPE Insurance also provides BLOM BANK employees with special rates on all other types of insurance policies.

NSSF Contributions:

BLOM BANK employees are all covered at the National Social Security Fund that covers sickness, maternity, family allowances, and end of service indemnity. The bank contributes monthly to this fund, covering a significant percentage of the tax paid by employees for the NSSF.

Conversion Privilege Option

BLOM BANK allows employees who retire the option to convert their term insurance policy to a permanent policy that provides them and their spouse (if applicable) insurance for the rest of their lives. This option protects the employee from being declined insurance based on a change in health status.

Higher Education Sponsorship & Allowance:

  • BLOM BANK sponsors the higher education of a number of employees annually by covering a percentage of the tuition (up to 100%); provided that the concerned employee has good performance and that the program applied for is relevant to his/her job.
  • The bank also dedicates an allowance to employees who have achieved higher education degree or specialized certification.

Employees’ Children Academia:

BLOM BANK acknowledges and distinguishes family as priority:

  • A schooling allowance is paid to all employees who have children pursuing school and university degrees at public and private institutions.
  • A special bonus is rewarded to employees whose children achieve high grades in academia (Brevet, BACC II, and university full-time students).
  • Employees’ children who graduate from university with distinction are guaranteed a position at BLOM BANK and are granted a welcome bonus upon recruitment.

Profit Sharing:

BLOM BANK employees are entitled to profit sharing and marketing bonuses depending on their participation in marketing activities and the volume of sales achieved. Profits are distributed quarterly.

Overtime and Food Allowance:

  • Food allowance is compensated for each full-day attendance.
  • Employees may receive overtime pay for working beyond their regular working hours.

Working Hours:

  • Monday – Friday (08:00am - 05:30pm)
  • Saturday (08:00am – 01:00pm)

BLOM BANK Branch employees may leave at 02:00pm once a week (Monday – Friday).

Performance Appraisals and Promotions:

  • BLOM BANK is aware of the importance of having performance appraisals that evaluate the employees thoroughly, and consider it an indispensable annual process.
  • The performance appraisal is a precursor to the employees’ promotions, bonuses, salary increases, development, etc.
  • In addition to the annual performance appraisal, employees receive continuous and constructive feedback regularly throughout the year.
  • Employees are entitled to promotions when their jobs require higher level of competencies and when they are able to maintain a good performance.
  • BLOM BANK ensures that deserving and qualified employees are promoted to fill positions that match their qualifications.

Salary Increase and Annual Bonus:

  • BLOM BANK Employees qualify for salary increases and bonuses depending on their annual performance appraisals.
  • BLOM BANK ensures that employees are treated fairly and that good performers are rewarded in due manner.
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