Corporate Banking

BLOM BANK, through its long experience, global network and excellent track record, is a major regional player and has established solid partnerships with key corporate clients.

Through our 72 branches in Lebanon and our 90 branches abroad in 12 countries, we are ever present, ready to serve the corporate needs of our esteemed clients and accompany them in their regional expansion.

Our network and knowledge of the market add to our skill set, which allows us to offer superior world class services.

The Corporate Department’s highly experienced and specialized team strives to forge strong and lasting relationships providing tailor made facilities that best serve clients’ unique needs; including but not limited to working capital needs, short and long term loans, structured project finance, and international trade.


Corporate Facilities:

BLOM BANK offers its clientele tailored corporate packages that partner with clients’ various business activities and needs, including but not limited to the following:

Trading and Manufacturing

Our well experienced and skilled team of corporate officers studies clients’ financials and assesses their specific needs with respect to cash flow generation, working capital, capital structure, profitability, market analysis, and Capital Expenditure or expansion requirements.

Facilities are then tailored according to said needs, on a case by case basis, through financial mechanisms such as but not limited to:


  • Overdrafts
  • Short Term Loans
  • CAPEX Loans
  • BDL Subsidized
  • Incentive Driven Loans
  • Discounted Direct
  • Commercial Bills and
  • FOREX Needs



Contracting and Real Estate Project Financing

Being a cornerstone of the Lebanese economy, BLOM Bank has built a vast network and gained invaluable experience in this field partnering with Lebanon’s most prestigious projects of all sorts.

Through our dedicated and specialized team, we offer developers and contractors all types of facilities, and provide services and solutions for any eventuality, till project completion such as:
• Bid bonds
• Performance bonds
• Advanced payment Guarantees and
• Retention bonds
• Short and long term facilities according to specific needs
• Structured term loans tailored to expected cash flow
• In addition to facilitating sales of units through our extensive retail network and products

International Trade

Through its well established presence in Europe and the MENA Region, as well as its wide correspondent network, BLOM Bank offers solutions for importers and exporters through all sorts of international trade mechanisms including all kinds of import and export L/Cs along with their respective refinancing needs and Trade Documents.



Relevant BDL Circualrs:

• Basic Circular 23 (Decision 6116) Financial Facilities from BDL to Banks and Financial Institutions
• Basic Circular 48 (Decision 7055) Ceilings on Banks’ Credit Facilities
• Basic Circular 51 (Decision 7135) Credits granted against Pledged Securities
• Basic Circular 58 (Decision 7159) Classification of Loans
• Basic Circular 80 (Decision 7743) Subsidized Facilities
• Basic Circular 81 (Decision 7776) Facilities, Investments and Participation Guidelines for Banks
• Basic Circular 84 (Decision 7835) Legal Reserve Requirements


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