Mobile Banking

Connect from your mobile or device.

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Manage your accounts and cards on a real-time basis while enjoying your daily activities!


BLOM BANK's Mobile Banking service is a member of the eBLOM suite of electronic services and delivery channels and is a completely optimized service for mobiles and devices which puts at your disposal a wide range of online banking services.

Just by getting connected, you will get a real-time, secure, fast and easy access to unique features that are constantly updated!


Accounts Overview

View your accounts’ real-time summary and statements, as well as the reserved amounts and the pending transactions on the accounts and monitor the status of your checks deposited for collection.



Take full control over your cards through mobile banking by holding/releasing each one separately and setting safety limits at your convenience*. Also check your cards’ available balances and the used amounts for the current month or view and refill your prepaid card.


Money Transfer

Transfer money with one click between your different BLOM accounts (including foreign exchange transactions between LBP, USD and EUR). You can also securely transfer money to other bank accounts**.


Golden Points

You can check your accumulated number of golden points and the gifts you are entitled to enjoy, along with viewing the entire Golden Points Catalog.


ATM and Branch Locator

Locate the nearest BLOM BANK ATM or Branch wherever you are in Lebanon along with maps and directions.


SMS Alerts

View your SMS alerts history and manage the settings by activating/deactivating the service, changing your mobile number and setting thresholds on your accounts and cards.

* Not available for Bankernet card.
** To be able to transfer money to an account outside BLOM BANK or to another beneficiary, please pass by your branch to fill the beneficiary accounts list.


How can I access BLOM BANK’s Mobile Banking?

  • If you are already using eBLOM, log on to with your username, password and OTP.
  • To start using our eBLOM and Mobile Banking services, visit your branch and sign up.
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