Our Employment Process

To complete a general application form that will be screened by professional recruiters and matched with available current and future vacancies, click the “Apply” button.
At BLOM BANK, we are committed to select and recruit qualified candidates who will deliver our promise of outstanding customer service. We ensure equal treatment of all applicants and maintain an effective, transparent, and streamlined recruiting process.

Our employees are exceptional in displaying the following characteristics:

What we look for

If you relate to the above, and if you are interested in applying to BLOM BANK, check out our employment process below.


  • Apply to BLOM BANK
    Submit your online application on our Careers page. You may choose to apply for Internship or for Employment.
  • Exam
    Your profile has been screened and selected to begin the employment process at BLOM BANK. You are contacted to undergo an exam that consists of quantitative math, IQ, languages (Arabic and English/French), and general knowledge. Read more

    Exam Requirements:

    • Calculator
    • Blue or Black Pen
    • Photocopy of University Diploma
    • Transcript of record (university grades)
    • One recent passport size photo (formal / professional dress code)
    • Photocopy of family ID ( نسخة عن اخراج القيد العائلي )
    • Photocopy of identification card ( نسخة عن الهوية )
    • Letters of employment / Recommendation letters from previous companies employed or trained at.

    Test Content:

    • IQ and quantitative (math) exercices (10 questions total)
    • Foreign language essay / grammar / comprehension (English or French)
    • Arabic essay
    • General knowledge
  • Interview
    You passed the exam and a vacancy that matches your qualifications may be available. We want to know more about you, and will invite you for an interview. Some vacancies may require a 2nd interview.
  • Offer
    Congratulations! Your application has been approved by the Recruitment Committee. We want you on-board!
  • Onboarding
    You have accepted our employment offer. Embark on a challenging and rewarding career with BLOM BANK!

For Sample Exam Questions and Interview tips, click here.
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